Radi Fragu

My name is Radi Fragu and at age of 5 I started my biggest journey with my smallest violin. Few years later I was accepted in a specialized Music school where from age of 10 I was taught intensively not only the violin, but also the piano, music theory, harmony, polyphony, music analysis and history, composition, orchestration, conducting… you name it. The larger part of my violin training was as a soloist, but I was also a member of the school symphonic orchestra and I regularly enjoyed collaborating in various chamber ensembles

After an early career as a violin performer, I received my Bachelor degree in music education in 2007 and since then I’ve been teaching in international schools around the globe. In addition to the regular music classes I have successfully led or coordinated a number of musical activities including private violin and piano lessons, choir, productions, recitals and concerts.


I am a qualified, enthusiastic and outcome-driven music teacher. My broad experience in a multicultural environment interacting with students with different skills and abilities enabled me to develop and efficiently combine various teaching approaches and methodologies. I strive to help students achieve their very best applying positive learning techniques and encouragement.


My goal is to help more students develop their talents while nurturing their passion for music.


What they say about Radi

Radi is wonderful violin teacher. Makes you feel really good about yourself and helps you push forward. Definitely, recommend.

-Lisa (Violin Student)

Mrs. Radi has always been great! She pays close attention to details. I was apprehensive in the beginning to do online violin lessons. However, it is very convenient and has been working well with my daughter. My daughter has made a lot of progress after being with Mrs. Radi Fragu for almost 3 years. I highly recommend our teacher!


- Harold ( Parent)