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Piano Lessons with Christy

Lessons include learning repertoire, technique, aural training and music theory, and are tailored to students' musical goals and interests. Whether you are wanting to studying for fun and personal enjoyment, or prepare for AMEB, ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall Examinations and advance your music career I am here to support you to achieve your goals and deepen your relationship with music.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

For Ages 4 – Adult


I find that one on one private tuition works the best in providing results. These type of lessons are tailored to each student and allow for their individual needs to be nurtured and understood. 

Before enrolment, I will conduct a one on one interview with the new student to understand ability levels and gauge if they are at the right stage to be taught in a way that will provide optimum results. This interview also provides an insight into what the student-teacher dynamic will be like.

Because no two students are the same, no two lessons or teaching styles should be. Each lesson is personally tailored to each student in order to maximise learning potential. Students have access to a wide range of materials, so that they can develop their own, personal piano repertoire and syllabus that is perfect for them.


For children under 6, lessons are generally 30 minutes in duration and for youth and adults 45 or 60 minute lessons are recommended. Weekly lessons and daily practice are strongly encouraged, though casual lessons are also available. Students are expected to have a piano at home to practice on or a weighted keyboard.

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Personalized Attention

The class syllabus includes Music Theory, Aural Training, Sight Reading, Music history & Music Appreciation.




Musicianship classes provide the contextual framework for which your child’s normal piano lessons work around. These classes expand beyond normal piano lessons and delve into deeper ideas, such as why music is written and structured the way it is, what were the stories of famous composers and what were their lives like? 

Armed with this knowledge everything will start to click together, and suddenly every single note, rest, key signature and every other aspect of a piece of music will mean so much more. Get in touch to find out more.

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