Are online lessons less good than in person music lessons?


Our students who have made the transition from in person to online don’t think so. In fact, there are many benefits to online lessons:

  • Safe and comfortable

  • No wasted travel time or parking tickets

  • Your teacher can help you perfect your at home practice setup

  • Use your own piano or instrument to get the most personalized advice

Are online music lessons less personal?


While you are not physically in the same room as your teacher, you are still working with a person one-on-one!

Your Virtuo Music teacher will still be creating personalized music lessons, just for you.

In fact, our students have found their online music lessons to be just as personal as their in-person lessons.


Is it hard to set up? Will I be able to get the right sound and view for my online lesson?


Absolutely. We’ve never had a student who wasn’t able to get a good sound online. Same for video.

You’ll only need a minimal amount of gear to make that happen. And it’s common stuff that you most likely already own.

See the next question for what equipment you might need.


What kind of equipment do I need?

To get started, all you need is a device that has audio and video and connects to the internet.

A computer with a webcam, a laptop, a tablet, or a smart phone are all good enough.

And you’ll only need a 5mbs internet connection speed, which by today’s standards is fairly slow.


Do online lessons cost lee than in person lessons?


Online lessons cost the same as in person lessons.

You are paying for your teacher’s time and expertise. And you get exactly the same amount of your teacher’s time and expertise when online or offline.

It’s possible to find lower rates elsewhere, absolutely. But nowhere has the same quality of instruction and focus on your goals as Virtuo Music. So if you are paying less, you are getting less, too.


Why my child sit and pay attention online?


The good news is that kids these days are used to electronic devices.

And most of the time we have great success with kids taking lessons online. To date, we only had one piano student who was unable to do so. She was 3 years old.

Most kids, with their parents supervision, do just fine.