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Elitsa S

Open up to your own unique voice. Play piano with energy and freedom!

Elitsa has over 20 years of performing and teaching experience. She has a Bachelor Degree in Music from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv Bulgaria.


As a beginning and intermediate piano instructor, Elitsa will guide you in the basics of sight reading. If you prefer, your piano classes will consist primarily of improvisation and chord progressions (you will also learn a little bit of sight reading which will help you 'flesh out' the melody).

You will gain a solid foundation in music theory as well as an introduction into the vast world of music history. All age ranges are welcome, from the beginning elementary student, to the retiree just now finding the time to pursue their passion to perform. 


I have authored a variety of music theory articles to assist you with your progress. We use these in the lessons to speed up your assimilation of the material. You will receive support via this literature and will quickly recognize how music theory supports your efforts with either singing or playing the piano. 

Lesson Details 


Music theory and various musical explorations will assist you in moving forward in the most rapid manner possible. Whether you are twelve years old or sixty-five, you will find fun as well as perceptive methods for strengthening your passion for musical performance. 


Since your body is your instrument, I am very conscious of the need to assist you in waking your body up in order to perform most successfully. The warm-up exercises include not only traditional vocalizes, but also methods for stretching your body and strengthening your diaphragmatic breathing. My students become very aware of any residual tension in their bodies. Singing is a wonderful way to get in touch with - and expel - any way in which you might 'close down' or 'tense down' your physical body. By working with a caring professional, you will learn how to freely share your unique talent with the world. 


As we progress through the series of classes, you will use breathing exercises to activate the thoracic (throat & chest) and visceral (stomach) cavities. Your lessons will continue into specific vocalization exercises; such as singing scales, triads and specific exercises to assist you with fluid musical expression. Traditional ear training will also be a part of the lessons for intermediate students. 


Many of the lessons I teach include a theme of working on

confidence, vocal projection, breath support, finding and

releasing tension, vocal range expansion, audition

preparation and stage performance. All singing includes

a core of story-telling. You will be encouraged to 'deconstruct'

a song and discover the story, along with the emotions that

are found in the lyrics of the songs you will sing.



In a similar fashion, my piano students will work on exercises to establish kinesthetic learning or muscle-memory. I have a unique method for sharing chord-progressions and piano improvisation. You will learn to quickly share music in a satisfying and pleasing manner that will surprise you and the people who hear your music. From your unique 'ear,' and via your new-found understanding of music theory, music will pour out of your piano. 


As a piano student, you will also be exposed to lessons of the masters who have taught for hundreds of years. Sight-reading at the piano is a very enjoyable skill. It is also a foundation from which we will work (while taking in mind your particular interests). Again, whether a pre-teen or a senior citizen (or anyone in between!) who has finally found the time to explore their musical talent - you will find classes uniquely suited to your musical trajectory. 


Your lessons will proceed as you acquire the ability to successfully perform your exercises and musical literature. Playing the piano fluidly and sharing your abilities with others is an amazing experience! It is my intent to ensure that your progress is swift, enjoyable and based on the work of the masters who have come before us! See you soon...


Studio Equipment

Piano. I can provide supplemental piano music; in some cases, students will need to purchase their own music. 



Have experience with conducting choral music

Piano - beginner and intermediate sight reading

Piano - chord progression and music

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What they say about Elitsa

Elitsa has been a gift in my life. I love her passion for teaching and patience for growing talent. Our lessons are always uplifting and fun! I have learned so much about myself and my voice. Each lesson increases my confidence as a musician, artist, and singer, thanks to Elitsa!

- Juliana ( Student)

Elitsa S. is without doubt a superlative piano teacher - skilled and experienced at both performance and teaching piano; caring, supportive and inspiring; able to explain and offer suggestions in a easy-going, non-threatening and very helpful manner (speaking as a retiree with substantial musical insecurities); welcoming of and responsive to any questions or problems; smart, personable and easy to talk to; a thoughtful listener with a fun sense of humor; a great communicator; and endlessly patient! She's very flexible in accommodating the particular needs and interests of adult students, yet also provides clear guidance to keep a student's musical progress on track. I have now completed Gr.3 AMEB, and am very much looking forward to future lessons with Elitsa.

-Amber (Piano student)